Welcome to Aiming for Edible!

My Background

I’m a fourth year business student living in Vancouver, British Columbia and I cannot cook to save my life. My family has never really taken an interest in food and we’re usually too time-crunched to even try. We’ve fallen back on a lot of preserved and packaged food to save time and provide variety.

My 25 day Cooking Challenge  

With the goal of developing some basic cooking skills over my winter break, I have challenged myself to cook a new meal every day, for 25 days. This blog will record my experiences: the tasty, the burnt, and the bittersweet.

It is my hope that this challenge will pass on advice and insight to other students that are in a similar situation. A bit of a Julie and Julia experience!

How I Choose the Challenge

As I have no intuition for throwing a meal together, I will be following recipes. Please note that almost none of the recipes that I use are my own; most of the recipes used have been found on food blogs or recipe sites.

Don’t let the word recipe scare you! I look for recipes with minimal effort; simple, easy, non-technical recipes. I’m also looking for recipes with commonly found, unprocessed ingredients. While I value simplicity, I refuse to sacrifice flavour and variety! Ill try to mix it up with new and different food combinations.

I hope you can join me in my journey as I aim for edible, and possibly even tasty food!


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